Here's how the new series of Robot Wars is going to work

Posted 07/07/2016 at 7:55pm

The new series of Robot Wars will work slightly differently to previous ones. A mini-league system has been introduced and each heat will feature more battles than ever before.

Round 1 - Group Battles

These group battles work much the same way as the first round melees that features in Robot Wars Series 6 and 7. A pair of four way battles kick off each heat, with two robots from each making it through into round two.

Round 2 - Head to Head

Round two is where things start to move away from the older series. The remaining four robots compete in a mini-league style system, which means they all fight each other in a one-on-one battle.

A knockout win over their opponent results in that robot being awarded a full three points. If both robots are still running at the end of the three minute match, the winner is decided by the panel of judges. That robot is awarded two points. A robot will receive no points at all for a loss.

The two robots with the most points on the board after the round is complete proceed to the heat final.

Round 3 - Heat Final

The two remaining robots fight each other in another head-to-head three minute match. The winner proceeds to the Grand Final. The losing robot still has a chance to reach the Grand Final, as the judges will choose one wildcard from the list of runners-up to join the five heat winners in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final

The six robots that make it through to the Grand Final will proceed through the same rounds as in the heat, until only one robot remains. That machine will be crowned the Robot Wars Grand Champion 2016.

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