New teaser clips hint at the return of the House Robots for new series of Robot Wars

Posted 24/02/2016 at 4:58pm

Ahead of filming for the new series of Robot Wars getting underway at the start of March, production company Mentorn have released short teaser clips hinting that the classic House Robots will be returning.

The videos, uploaded to the official Robot Wars Youtube channel, are only a few seconds long but give the first clear indication that at leasts some of the classic House Robot lineup will be making an appearence on the new series.

In the clips, we see that Matilda, Dead Metal, Shunt and Sir Killalot are all alive and well, appearing almost identical to their original designs.

It is anticipated the all the House Robots will receive major upgrades, or be completely rebuilt, in order to cope with the much more powerful competitor robots that are around today.

It has also been revealed that the weight limit for competitor robots has been raised from 100kg to 110kg for the new series, which would mean that the smaller House Robots like Shunt and Matilda could be even more outclassed if they remain in their original forms.

House Robots Teaser Trailer #4 - Sir Killalot

House Robots Teaser Trailer #3 - Shunt

House Robots Teaser Trailer #2 - Dead Metal

House Robots Teaser Trailer #1 - Matilda

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