Updated House Robots revealed for new series of Robot Wars

Posted 23/06/2016 at 8:42pm

The BBC has revealed the updated versions of the four returning House Robots Sir Killalot, Dead Metal, Matilda and Shunt.

All four upgraded designs closely resemble the classic versions, but make use of modern build materials and techniques to make them a match for even the fiercest competitor robots.

The new House Robots are significantly larger than their original incarnations with Shunt, the lightest of the four, now weighing in at 327kg. Thats roughly three times more than the 105kg he used to weigh.

Shunt retains his axe, snow plough and rear lifting scoop. The axe is made from titanium and can fire in 0.25 seconds, while the scoop can now lift 350kg.

The new look Shunt

The new look Shunt now weighs over 300kg with an axe that can fire in 0.25 seconds

Matilda weighs 350kg, with her rear mounted vertically spinning flywheel using up 10% of her total weight. It can spin 25 times per second. Her revamped tusks can lift 1.5 tonnes.

The new look Matilda

Matilda also now weighs over 300kg, and can lift 1.5 tonnes with her front tusks

Dead Metal now tips the scales at 343kg, and is armed with a 45cm diameter circular saw which spins at over 200mph to cut through even the toughest of armour. His pneumatic pincers have a grabbing force of 300kg, and open up to 1.4 metres wide.

The new look Dead Metal

Dead Metal weighs 343kg, and has a more powerful saw and larger pincers

Finally, Sir Killalot weighs an incredible 741kg and move at up to 10mph which is roughly twice as fast as the old version. He has also virtually impenetrable Armox armour. Each of his weapon arms can lift 300kg, and his hydraulic claws crush with a force of 2.5 tonnes.

The new look Sir Killalot

The new Sir Killalot weighs almost three quarters of a tonne

The BBC still won't give an exact date for the return of Robot Wars, however it is believed to coming back to televisions screens sometime around late July or early August 2016.

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