"Introducing Cassius Chrome, a boxing robot. Those fists are interchangeable, you might see spikes on the end of the gloves, who knows?" Jonathon Pearce, Series 7 Heat A

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Key Stats

Cassius Chrome
Weight 250kg
Dimensions 130cm x 100cm x 85cm
Speed 20mph
Weaponry Rotary powered boxing fists/spikes
Armour Fibreglass
Appeared In Series 7

About Cassius Chrome

Cassius Chrome was the last House Robot to be introduced, in the very first episode of the seventh series of Robot Wars. He was named after heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali's former name Cassius Clay.

Capable of reaching 20mph, he was the fastest of all the House Robots, and used his speed combined with his boxing fists to cause damage to competitor robots.

His boxing fists were interchangeable, with a few variations seen in use throughout the series including large piercing spikes and spiked boxing gloves, which weighed around 15kg each. He also had a front mounted scoop for pushing robots around with.

Compared to the other newer House Robots, Mr Psycho and Growler, Cassius Chrome's weaponry was never as effective. While his speed and pushing power still made him a force to be reckoned with, he lacked the more destructive capabilities that most of the other House Robots had.

At 250kg he was also not the heaviest robot around, and coupled with his high ground clearance he was targeted by competitor robots on several occasions during the Seventh Wars.

Most notably, he was flipped by Dutch competitor Gravity during the House Robot Rebellion, and badly damaged by the axe of Kat 3 during the Series 7 All Stars tournament.