"Dead Metal is what you'll become, torn twisted robo-remnants if you get caught by the pneumatic pincers or trapped by the 3000rpm circular saw." Jonathon Pearce, Series 5 House Robot introductions

Note: Info about the new series is still coming in. We're updating these pages as fast as we can but some of the info here will be out of date.

Key Stats

Dead Metal
Weight 112kg
Dimensions 160cm x 100cm x 70cm
Speed 12mph
Weaponry 3000RPM friction sawblade, pneumatic pincers
Armour Metal exoskeleton
Appeared In Series 1-7, Extreme 1-2

About Dead Metal

Dead Metal is one of the original four House Robots introduced in the first series of Robot Wars. Designed to look like a scorpion, his weaponry included pneumatically powered grabbing pincers and a circular saw mounted on an arm with 180 degrees of travel.

Originally, the saw was powered by a petrol engine taken from a garden strimmer. Early on during the filming the saw broke off and flew across the set, embedding itself in the wall and only narrowly missed presenter Jeremy Clarkson's head. For the rest of the series the saw was replaced with a large ball.

The strimmer engine also proved extremely unreliable and saw was never very effective, so for the second series it was replaced with an electric motor and diamond-edged cutting blade.

Dead Metal's new weapon setup was better, but even the diamond blade would jam up far too easily when coming into contact with another robot's armour, and for the third series it was overhauled again.

Mounting a petrol powered friction saw blade on a cradle that could be moved forward in a slow, controlled manner finally gave Dead Metal an extremely potent weapon. During the third series he frequently sliced straight through the armour of competitor robots.

Dead Metal virtually the same all the way up until the seventh series, and although the saw's effectiveness was gradually reduced by the ever tougher materials competitors were able to armour their robots with, his speed and manoeuvrability combined with his pincers meant he was always a dangerous threat.

His unique shape and wide wheel base also meant he was very difficult to flip over, and it was't until the seventh wars where he was finally overturned by Dutch competitor Gravity.

An all new version of Dead Metal will be used when Robot Wars returns in 2016. The new model retains the famous pincers and saw, but is much larger and more powerful. The new Dead Metal weighs around 300kg, which is over twice as much as the original.