"Growler's drive works on a skid steer system, very fast. His jaws can crush with a pressure of four tonnes." Jonathon Pearce, Series 6 House Robot introductions

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Key Stats

Weight 375kg
Dimensions 152cm x 130cm x 76cm
Speed 17mph
Weaponry Hydraulic crushing/grabbing jaws
Armour Steel
Appeared In Series 6-7, Extreme 1-2

About Growler

Growler was introduced alongside his owner, Mr Psycho, in the sixth series of Robot Wars.

Designed to look like a dog, his main weaponry was a pair of hydraulically powered grabbing and crushing jaws. Growler was the only House Robot to use a four wheel drive system.

He was very powerful, using a pair of 48v motors and six batteries to get up to a speed of 17mph, which meant he was incredibly quick across the arena. Like Mr Psycho however, at first his speed and power caused some problems because his drivetrain couldn't cope with all the stresses exerted upon it.

For this reason Growler actually had to sit out large portions of the Sixth Wars after his initial introduction until a more permanent solution to the problem was found, in time for the second series of Robot Wars Extreme.

With his drive system now working properly, there were several instances where Growler severely damaged competitor robots simply by ramming into them at high speed. Unfortunately on occasion he also did the same to the arena walls, at one point hitting a corner so hard the arena floor partially collapsed.

Also for Extreme, Growler was temporarily fitted with a tiny gas powered flamethrower under his tail. Due to reliability problems however, it was only seen once or twice during the entire series and was removed again before the Seventh Wars began.

Like Mr Psycho, Growler will not be returning for the 2016 series of Robot Wars.