"Here's Refbot, he'll be breaking up the fights, reigning in the house robots and bringing order to the chaos of the war zone." Craig Charles, Series 4 House Robot introductions

Note: Info about the new series is still coming in. We're updating these pages as fast as we can but some of the info here will be out of date.

Key Stats

Weight 120kg
Dimensions 140cm x 90cm x 130cm
Speed 7mph
Weaponry Bulldozing scoops (not used for combat)
Armour Fibreglass
Appeared In Series 4-7, Extreme 1-2

About Refbot

Refbot was introduced at the start of the fourth wars, and was designed to keep fights moving by separating tangled competitors and freeing stuck robots. He was also equipped with a fire extinguisher.

He would also use his rear pushing scoops to shove dead robots and other debris closer to the arena doors after a match finished, which helped speed up the cleanup process in-between fights.

The design of Refbot made him resemble a human referee, wearing a black and white striped shirt, kneeling down like a referee in a boxing match while counting out a competitor.

He had a fully articulated head and light up eyes and could often be seen in the background during matches following the action around the arena.

From Robot Wars Extreme onwards he gained the ability to count immobilised robots out, with a large LED timer mounted on his chest. He could also give out red and yellow cards to competitors or House Robots who had misbehaved.

There were two almost identical versions of Refbot built. As the only House Robot required to appear in every single fight, there needed to be a duplicate incase one model broken down or took damage during a fight.

Refbot is not returning for the 2016 series of Robot Wars.