"Sergeant Bash is back with new weaponry, hydraulic pincers at the front and that ferocious flamethrower mounted on a 360 degree turret." Jonathon Pearce, Series 3 House Robot introductions

Note: Info about the new series is still coming in. We're updating these pages as fast as we can but some of the info here will be out of date.

Key Stats

Sgt Bash
Weight 120kg
Dimensions 140cm x 90cm x 90cm
Speed 8mph
Weaponry Propane flamethrower, hydraulic crushing claws
Armour Fibreglass
Appeared In Series 1-7, Extreme 1-2

About Sgt Bash

Sgt Bash was one of the original four House Robots introduced in the first series of Robot Wars, and the only robot in the show's history to feature a flamethrower.

Designed to look like an army vehicle, he was painted in the traditional green camouflage and featured chunky off road tyres.

Sgt Bash's most famous weapon was his gas powered flamethrower, mounted on a turret capable of rotating a full 360 degrees and tilting up and down. Originally, he was also armed with a front ramming spike and rear mounted circular saw.

For the third wars Bash received a few upgrades, including hydraulic cutting pincers in place of the ramming spike and a more lightweight fibreglass body shell to replace his steel armour which gave him more speed.

After having his pincers enlarged in the fourth wars, Bash remained relatively unchanged for the rest of Robot Wars' original run.

Bash is the only original House Robot who is not returning for the 2016 series of Robot Wars.