"Shunt. A power packed robot capable of dragging a fully loaded Land Rover, with a pneumatically powered diamond edged axe capable of cleaving all opponents in two." Jonathon Pearce, Series 3 House Robot introductions

Note: Info about the new series is still coming in. We're updating these pages as fast as we can but some of the info here will be out of date.

Key Stats

Weight 105kg
Dimensions 130cm x 110cm x 70cm
Speed 10mph
Weaponry Diamond-edged axe, Lifting Scoop, and Snowplough
Armour Fibreglass
Appeared In Series 1-7, Extreme 1-2

About Shunt

Shunt is one of the original four House Robots introduced in the first series of Robot Wars, and was designed to be a powerful bulldozer with a snowplough on the front and a bucket lifting scoop at the back.

Shunt regularly featured in the Sumo-Basho trials that featured in the first two series of Robot Wars, and again in the Sumo side competition that ran during series four.

Shunt's main weapon in later series, his pneumatically powered diamond-edged axe, was originally put on as an afterthought.

In the first series it was extremely underpowered, barely scratching competitor's armour, however by the third series it had evolved into an incredibly powerful weapon capable of piercing all but the toughest robot shells.

An interesting side effect of the axe's unexpected success was that because it was rear mounted, Shunt spent the vast majority of his time in the arena driving around backwards.

After Matilda was upgraded for the fifth wars, the relatively lightweight Shunt became the easiest House Robot for competitors to target. By the seventh wars, he ended up being flipped over more times than any of the other House Robots.

Shunt also had a long lasting rivalry with series two champion Panic Attack, which started during Panic Attack's first appearance on the show.

Towards the end of their Gauntlet run, Panic Attack flew off the end of the ramp and landed on top of Dead Metal. Shunt took advantage of the situation and punched holes all over the top armour of Panic Attack using his axe.

From then on Panic Attack would regularly stage revenge attacks on Shunt, attempting to turn him over with their lifting forks. In the fourth series, Panic Attack was also the only robot to defeat Shunt in the Sumo-Basho competition.

An all new version of Shunt will be used when Robot Wars returns in 2016. The new design is larger and more heavily armoured than the original, but retains the same overall look and style.

The lifting scoop and axe have been made much more powerful, and when fired cause Shunt to leap off the ground due to the recoil. As with the other upgraded House Robots the new version of Shunt is considerably heavier, weighing in at around 300kg which is almost three times as much as the original.