"Sir Killalot, our master of disaster! 200kgs of doom and gloom, the lance to chew, the hydraulic claw to cut through, and nip and tuck, and you're out of luck." Jonathon Pearce, Series 5 House Robot introductions

Note: Info about the new series is still coming in. We're updating these pages as fast as we can but some of the info here will be out of date.

Key Stats

Sir Killalot
Weight 520kg
Dimensions 120cm x 120cm x 130cm
Speed 5mph
Weaponry Rotating lance/drill and hydraulic cutting claw
Armour Fibreglass
Appeared In Series 2-7, Extreme 1-2

About Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot was introduced to Robot Wars in Series 2, and at the time was by far the largest and most powerful of the House Robots. Weighing in at around 520kg, Killalot was over four times heavier than any other robot on the show until the introduction of Mr Psycho in Series 6.

He was also the first House Robot to use caterpillar tracks which, coupled with his incredibly powerful drivetrain, allowed him to drive over virtually any obstacle in the arena - including unfortunate competitor robots.

His design was based on the armour that knights wore during medieval times, but also incorporates alien-like aesthetics such as his flashing red eyes which were made from bicycle lights.

Killalot's weaponry, consisting of a spearing lance and hydraulic cutting claws mounted on fully articulated arms, allowed him to carry other robots around the arena before dropping them in the pit or holding them over the flames.

In Series 3, the lance was upgraded and turned into a drill which meant Killalot could cut into a competitor's armour. He could also spin any robots caught on the end of it around, causing further damage.

The cutting claws were based on the "Jaws of Life" that rescue services use to cut people out of the wreckage after car crashes. The original claws were upgraded and super-sized in Series 4, and received further aesthetic changes for Series 6.

While the stats sheet on the show claimed Sir Killalot was "Invincible", he did occasionally demonstrate signs of weakness.

As a petrol engined driven machine, he was susceptible to catching fire if he lingered for too long near one of the many flame jets used on the show. More than once, he was also accidentally set a light by the flamethrower of fellow House Robot Sgt Bash.

When the weight limit for competitor robots increased from 80kg to 100kg just before the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, Killalot also became a little more unstable when picking robots up and parading them around the arena. On several occasions he toppled or almost toppled over.

Killalot remained one of the most feared House Robots throughout the entire run of Robot Wars, and ended up being the only one not to be flipped over by the increasingly powerful competitor robots seen in later wars.

An all new version of Sir Killalot will be used when Robot Wars returns in 2016. While the new model retains many key elements of the original, it also has a much faster drive system, better armour and weighs around 750kg.