Robot Wars is currently presented by Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon. When there is no clear victor in any battle, the winner is decided by the judging panel.

Note: Info about the new series is still coming in. We're updating these pages as fast as we can but some of the info here will be out of date.

Current Presenters

  • Dara O Briain

    Dara O Briain Role: Main Presenter Duration: 2016 Series - Present

    Dara is best known for hosting BBC TWO panel show Mock The Week, but he has also hosted a variety of other comedy shows and documentaries. He has a keen interest in science and mathematics and studies theoretical physics at university.

  • Angela Scanlon

    Angela Scanlon Role: Pit Reporter Duration: 2016 Series - Present

    Angela is an Irish television presenter who has worked for both the BBC and Irish broadcaster RTE. She has presented several fashions shows and documentaries, and recently became a reporter for the The One Show.

  • Jonathan Pearce

    Jonathan Pearce Role: Commentator Duration: Series 1 - Present

    Jonathan has been with Robot Wars since the very beginning. Since 2002 however, he is probably most familiar as a football commentator for the BBC and has worked on both Radio Five Live and Match of the Day.

Current Judges

  • Noel Sharkey

    Noel Sharkey Role: Judge Duration: Series 1 - Present

    Noel has been a judge on Robot Wars since the first series, and now takes on the role of Head Judge. He also appeared on Robot Wars' sister show Techno Games. Previously he was a Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the University of Sheffield.

  • Dr. Lucy Rogers

    Lucy Rogers Role: Judge Duration: 2016 Series - Present

    Dr Rogers is an engineering consultant and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Royal Astronomical Society and Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society. Her current line of work focuses reducing the damage caused by space debris.

  • Sethu Vijayakumar

    Sethu Vijayakumar Role: Judge Duration: 2016 Series - Present

    Prof. Vijayakumar is the Professor of Robotics at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. In 2015 he was presented with the Tam Dalyell Award for excellence in engaging the public with science.

Past Presenters & Judges

  • Craig Charles

    Craig Charles Role: Main Presenter Duration: Series 2 - Series 7

    Craig presented Robot Wars from Series 2 until Series 7. After the original run of the show ended he took up a role in ITV soap Coronation Street. He has recently reprised his role as Lister for two new series of space comedy Red Dwarf which were commissioned by digital channel Dave.

  • Philippa Forrester

    Philippa Forrester Role: Pit Reporter Duration: Series 1-3, Series 5-6

    Prior to becoming Robot Wars' pit presenter, Philippa was best known for presenting futuristic tech show Tomorrow's World. She is a vegetarian and an avid environmentalist and studied for a degree in Ecology and Conservation.

  • Jayne Middlemiss

    Jayne Middlemiss Role: Pit Reporter Duration: Series 7

    Jayne began her presenting career in the mid 90s on shows like The O-Zone and Top of the Pops. As well as Robot Wars she also hosted the first series of Techno Games. In 2005 she won reality show Celebrity Love Island. A victory on Celebrity MasterChef followed in 2009.

  • Julia Reed

    Julia Reed Role: Pit Reporter Duration: Series 4 - Extreme 1

    Julia presented Robot Wars Series 4 and Extreme 1 while Philippa Forrester was on maternity leave. She was also a reporter on Robot Wars' sister show Techno Games. Since then she has presented shows for both Sky and Channel 4.

  • Martin Smith

    Martin Smith Role: Judge Duration: Series 3-7

    Martin is Professor of Robotics at Middlesex University and the President of the UK Cybernetics Society. As well as Robot Wars, he has appeared on many other similarly themed shows such as Scrapheap Challenge, Tomorrow's World and Techno Games.

  • Myra Wilson

    Myra Wilson Role: Judge Duration: Series 4-5

    Dr Wilson lectures in Computer Science at Aberystwyth University and teaches courses in Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. She also worked as a technical expert behind the scenes for the second series of Techno Games.

  • Mat Irvine

    Mat Irvine Role: Judge Duration: Series 5-7

    Mat is a Technical Consultant and Visual Effects Designer and has worked on many popular series outside of Robot Wars including Tomorrow's World and The Sky at Night. He was also well known for his visual effects work on Doctor Who in the 1970s.

  • Adam Harper

    Adam Harper Role: Judge Duration: Series 1-3

    Adam is an engineer who appeared on the early series of Robot Wars. Outside of the show he is famous for building a Sinclair C5 capable of reaching over 150mph, which set a new land speed world record for an electrically powered vehicle.

  • Eric Dickinson

    Eric Dickinson Role: Judge Duration: Series 1-2

    Eric was a participant in the original US version of Robot Wars with his featherweight robot WYSIWYG. As the only British competitor in the competition, Eric was a natural choice to be a judge when Robot Wars arrived in the UK a year later.