A powerful full pressure CO2 flipper with a top speed of 20mph. Built by George Francis, Ian Swann and Richard Swann.

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Key Stats

Chaos 2
Weight 84kg
Dimensions 92cm x 63cm x 42cm
Speed 20mph
Weaponry High pressure pneumatic flipper
Armour Polycarbonate, Titanium
Appeared In Series 3-6, Extreme 1-2

About Chaos 2

Chaos 2 was the champion of Robot Wars Series 3 and 4. The only robot ever to win the UK Championship more than a single time, it popularised the pneumatic flipper design that became the template for countless competitor robots in the years to come.

The robot was George Francis' third entry into Robot Wars, following Robot the Bruce and the original Chaos in Series 1 and 2 respectively.

Using the lessons they learnt from Chaos in the Second Wars, the team managed to build a robot that was almost in a class of its own during the Third Wars, and won the championship with relative ease.

Chaos 2 famously performed a never seen before feat in the Series 3 Grand Final, when it threw Firestorm over the fence and out of the arena.

Series 4 was much tougher, with Chaos 2 virtually unchanged since its Third Wars appearance many of the other competitors had taken steps to counter the flipper more effectively. In Series 3 Chaos 2 won all of its fights through a knockout of its opponent, in Series 4 both of its Grand Final fights went to very close judges decisions.

Series 5 was even more difficult, largely due to the weight limit for competitor robots being raised from 80kg to 100kg. Greatly improved reliability of Chaos 2's opponents also meant that throwing robots around the arena as it had done in previous series no longer resulted in their immobilisation.

Chaos 2's biggest problem in later years was that it was comparatively lightweight, weighing in at around 84kg against opponents who generally weighed 95-100kg. It was originally designed for the 80kg limit, and when the team attempted to make improvements for Series 5, it was discovered that adding any more weight disturbed the balance and centre of gravity which also upset the handling.

The result of this was that Chaos 2 remained almost unchanged all the way from Series 3 up until its last appearance in Robot Wars Extreme 2. By the time it was retired it was regularly being outclassed by newer robots, being thrown out of the arena in Series 6 and severely damaged by 13 Black in Extreme 2.