A powerful yellow and black box with electrically operated lifting forks. Built by Kim Davies, Kevin Pritchard and Lee Wicombe.

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Key Stats

Panic Attack
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 136cm x 93m x 33cm
Speed 8mph
Weaponry Electric lifting forks
Armour Aluminium, Fibreglass
Appeared In Series 2-7, Extreme 1-2

About Panic Attack

Panic Attack was the champion of Robot Wars Series 2. Originally a simple rectangular box with underpowered electric lifting forks, the team overcame the odds and beat series favourite Cassius in the Grand Final.

Throughout Robot Wars, Panic Attackā€™s team captain Kim Davies was considered one of the most skilled drivers in the field. This helped Panic Attack to successfully compete against robots with far more powerful weaponry.

For Series 3, the robot was completely rebuilt with more powerful lifting forks and a self-righting mechanism. A loss in the second round of the semi-final to wedge flipper Firestorm sparked a rivalry between the two teams that lasted right up until Series 7.

To counter low ground clearance flippers, from Series 4 onwards Panic Attack wore side skirts to prevent them from getting underneath.

In Series 6 the team entered a completely new, gold version of Panic Attack. This version had larger lifting forks but no self-righting mechanism. Unfortunately it was build in a very short amount of time and only finished just before the team attended filming, and as a result had a number of flaws including being much slower and less manoeuvrable than the original version.

For Robot Wars Extreme Series 2 and the Seventh Wars, the team returned to using the classic yellow version of Panic Attack which included modifications including the removal of the self righter, and extra anti-flipper skirt at the rear and a shock mounted lid to absorb overhead axe attacks.