A nippy four wheel drive wedge with a hydraulic crushing beak with 3 tonnes of force. Built by Ian Lewis, Simon Scott and Vincent Blood.

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Key Stats

Weight 96kg
Dimensions 114cm x 40cm x 60cm
Speed 11mph
Weaponry 3000psi hydraulic crushing beak
Armour Steel
Appeared In Series 2-6, Extreme 1-2

About Razer

Razer was the champion of the Fifth Wars, finally winning the one trophy the team had really wanted since debuting in Robot Wars Series 2. Its hydraulic crushing beak had a pressure of three tonnes at the tip, and was one of the most dangerous and destructive weapons ever seen on Robot Wars.

A series of mechanical breakdowns meant Razer underachieved during its early years in the UK Championship. Despite those issues however, it is statistically the most successful robot ever to enter Robot Wars thanks to a string of victories outside the main competition with forty one wins and just six losses.

Razer became Robot Wars' first ever World Champions in 1999, and successfully defended that title two years later. It also won the International League, Southern Annihilator, two All Stars tournaments and three Best Design Awards.

The design of Razer was highly distinctive, and often described as "Part bird, part reptile". The main feature was the crushing beak, upon which two self-righting "wings" were mounted either side that spread outwards when the beak was raised to tip Razer back onto its wheels.

At the rear there was also a short tail, primarily designed to keep Razer's wheels off the floor when it landed after self-righting which protected the drive system from the sudden strain of having haul the entire robot along if the wheels were already spinning as it landed.

The tail also allowed Razer to perform its famous victory pose, where it would raise the beak to its highest point simultaneously spreading its wings and bowing forward.

Another key feature of Razer was its speed and manoeuvrability. Although its top speed was only 11mph, quick acceleration and a very short wheelbase meant Razer could run rings around many other robots. From Series 5, it also sported an enlarged ground hugging front scoop which meant virtually nothing could get underneath to flip it over.

Razer retired after Robot Wars Extreme 2, although the robot has continued to make occasional appearances and give demonstrations at live events. An updated version of Razer is expected to compete in the new 2016 series of Robot Wars.