A large wedge shaped robot with rear mounted petrol powered cutting saw. Built by Hender Blewitt, Chris Kinsey and Peter Kinsey.

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Key Stats

Weight 80.9kg
Dimensions 160cm x 110cm x 45cm
Speed 5mph
Weaponry Circular saw, wedge
Armour Aluminium
Appeared In Series 1-2

About Roadblock

Roadblock was the first ever Robot Wars UK Champion. A large wedge shaped robot with a petrol powered circular saw at the rear, it was crowned the winner of the First Wars after a thrilling six way final melee.

The students from Bodmin Community College managed to defeat the highly fancied Bodyhammer, which was built by a team of Nuclear Engineers.

The main armour was made out of road signs, with the majority of the wedge formed from a ‘Road Ahead Closed’ sign.

Roadblock holds the distinction of being the first robot ever seen on Robot Wars, as it appeared in Heat A of Series 1 and was the first robot to run the Gauntlet Trial. Consequently, it is also the first robot to successfully complete the Gauntlet.

Roadblock was also very successful in the Second Wars, again reaching the Grand Final before losing to Cassius. It eventually finished third overall after defeating Killertron in the playoff.

As well as a complete internal rebuild, the updated robot also included a loud siren which sounded whenever Roadblock went on the attack.

For the Third Wars the team returned with a new robot, Beast of Bodmin, which was a similar design to Roadblock overall but added a small pneumatic flipper at the front of the wedge to turn opponents over.

Beast of Bodmin was not quite as successful as Roadblock, but still reached round two of the semi-finals before losing to Steg-O-Saw-Us. The team did not enter Robot Wars again after Series 3.