An incredibly powerful and tenacious pushing box, with front mounted interchangeable weaponary. Build by Andrew Marchant, David Gamble and Brian Moss.

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Key Stats

Weight 100kg
Dimensions 85cm x 75cm x 25cm
Speed 10mph
Weaponry Spinning disk, pushing wedge
Armour Steel, Polycarbonate
Appeared In Series 4-7, Extreme 1-2

About Tornado

Tornado was the champion of the Sixth Wars, after a highly controversial victory over defending champions Razer in an exciting Grand Final battle.

The Tornado team had built a spinning bar weapon, mounted at the front of Tornado in place of its normal spinning disk or wedge. Under Robot Wars' rules interchangeable weapons are allowed and Tornado had used a selection of them to great affect throughout Series 6.

The setup in the Grand Final was controversial because the spinning bar also included a metal frame that encompassed the whole of Tornado and stopped Razer's crushing beak from reaching the actual chassis, effectively preventing them from causing any real damage.

Another side effect of the frame being so large was that when Razer did eventually get to grips with Tornado, they couldn't get the frame to fit down the pit. Had they managed to do so, Razer would have won the fight. Even over ten years later, the Sixth Wars Grand Final is still one of the most talked about battles in the show's history.

Tornado originally appeared in Series 4 and was a fast and manoeuvrable ramming box with a small pneumatic spike on the front. Unusually for that time, Tornado ran their motors on 36v, compared to the more common 24v which gave Tornado tremendous pushing power.

The ineffective spike was soon replaced with a much more potent spinning drum weapon, again running on 36v for extra power. The upgraded Tornado impressed during Extreme Series 1, beating reigning UK Champions Chaos 2 twice and reaching the final of the All Stars Tournament.

Series 5 didn't go quite a smoothly, with the former semi-finalist crashing out in the second round after a tough match with the fur-covered Diotoir.

For Series 6, Tornado sported multiple interchangeable weapons, including the spinning bar anti-crusher weapon, a large spike, a wedge and their original spinning disk.

Tornado attempted to defend their title in Series 7, performing well before being knocked out by newcomers Storm 2 in the first round of the Grand Final. The former champions ended up third overall, defeating a very beaten up X-Terminator in the playoff.